Neural basis of visual consciousness

Department of Cognitive Neurology

We investigate the neural mechanisms underlying conscious visual perception. Projects in this theme exploit visual illusions to dissociate sensation from perception and aim to understand the contribution of neuronal interactions on different temporal and spatial scales to visual awareness. We currently focus on testing whether identified neural correlates of consciousness are observable in human EEG/fMRI recordings, how much they depend on behavioral report and how neural variability affects perceptual states.

  • Report vs. no report: Perceptual decoding from macaque thalamus and visual cortex
  • Probing the link between perceptual visibility and brain oscillations in monkeys 
  • Misperceptions and intra-individual variability in Parkinson‘s disease: behavioral and fMRI 

Recent Publications

  • Poland E, Bhonsle A, Steinmann I, Wilke M. Reduced alpha amplitudes predict perceptual suppression. Scientific Reports 11 2021. s41598-021-92404-8.
  • Miloserdov K, Schmidt-Samoa C, Williams C. Weinrich CA, Kagan I, Bürk K, Trenkwalder C, Bähr M, Wilke M. Aberrant functional connectivity of resting state networks related to misperceptions and intra-individual variability in Parkinson‘s disease. Neuroimage: Clinical. 2020;25:102076
  • Cabral-Calderin Y. Wilke M. Probing the link between perception and oscillations: Lessons from transcranial alternating current stimulation. Neuroscientist. 2020. Feb 7:1073858419828646.
  • Storm F, Boly M, Casali M, Massimini M, Olcese M, Pennartz CMA, Wilke M. Consciousness regained: disentangling mechanisms, brain systems, and behavioral responses. Journal of Neuroscience. 2017. 8;37(45):10882-10893.
  • Tsuchiya N, Wilke M, Frässle S, Lamme V. No-report paradigms: Extracting the true neural correlates of consciousness. Trends in Cognitive Sciences. 2015. Dec;19(12):757-70.
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